Privacy Policy

Our dealer program is a vital part of our overall success and growth. Over the past years we have seen the number of new dealers linking up to our Central Monitoring Station, increase dramatically. You can rest assured that your subscribers will be service with the same priority and efficiency as we would our own subscribers. We see our dealers as a top priority, a vital importance to our central alarm monitoring.

Delta Alarm Systems Inc. is finalizing a new dealer program designed for the small installer to compete with the large, high-volume alarm markets. It allows the dealer to install for a low price or free and still make a profit on the installation. In a regular Delta Alarm Systems sale, the dealer would provide a basic system including installation for $49.00.The subscriber would then pay $300 for the first year of Central Station Monitoring which the installer would keep along with the $ this way, the installer could "gross" $349 per installation which if he were doing all his own work, would mean he keeps all the money himself.In the 2nd year, Delta Alarm Systems Inc.keeps all the monitoring which pays off the equipment and the 2 years of wholesale monitoring provided to the subscriber.

From the 25th month onward, the installer and Delta Alarm Systems Inc. split the monitoring income, 60/40.The installer maintains the account as his customer, getting service, upgrades and referrals while Delta Alarm Systems Inc. handles the billing, collection, and pays the installers their monthly monitoring profit. This plan has not yet been approved and can be subject to change. If you have any questions about our dealer programs e-mail us. Dealer Programs Also check out our Account Purchases.